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HARI Scholarship 2019

The HARI Temple Scholarship has been established to provide scholarships to deserving high school seniors throughout central Pennsylvania for the purpose of advancing their education.

A selection committee composed of Public Relation Officer and his/her nominees, who will act in cooperation with the other designated HARI Temple Members, will choose the scholarship recipient or recipients based on the information supplied by the applicants.

Only those applications received on or before April 28, 2019 will be considered.

Click here for Registration Form and other information on HARI Scholarship 2019

HARI School

HARI School conducts various educational activities that promote Hindu religion and Indian culture. The school offers classes in Hindu Religion; Indian languages such as Gujarati, Hindi and Tamil; Pre-SAT and SAT preparation classes in Math and English; Indian classical and folk dances; Indian Classical Vocal; Stress Free Life (Yoga); and Youth Forum for our youth.

The information presented on this and subsequent pages offer comprehensive information about all the activities conducted at HARI school. Please click here to view HARI School Policies & Practices.


HARI Sunday School: HARI Sunday school offers various activities appropriate for the age and level of knowledge. Below is a complete list of activities conducted at HARI:

  • Children ages five through nine
    (Grades I through IV)
    • Indian Folk Dances, Level I
    • Hindu Religion, Level I
    • Devotional Music Class
    • Indian Languages Level I
    • Tabla & Mridangam
  • Children ages ten through thirteen
    (Grades V through VIII)
    • Indian Classical Music
    • Indian Folk Dances, Level II
    • Hindu Religion, Level II
    • Devotional Music Class
    • Indian Languages Level II
    • Tabla & Mridangam
  • Children ages 14 and up
    (Grades IX through XII)
    • S. A. T. English
    • S. A. T. Math
    • Youth Forum
    • Indian Folk Dances, Level III
    • Stress Free Life
    • Tabla & Mridangam
  • Yoha for all ages - Bala vihar
Registration & Other Fees

All fees listed below are for the school year -. Fees are subject to change without prior notice. All fees are payable to HARI, unless instructed otherwise. HARI school registration fees cover all classes offered by HARI.


$40.00 - HARI members
$91.00 - Non-HARI members

Late Fees: Students (or their Parents or Guardians) are responsible to register within four weeks of joining HARI School. A late fee of $10.00 per student is accessed after the initial four-week grace period.

Registration Form

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Pay Online:

Donation Type:

School Director:
Mrs. Minoo Amin

Youth Forum Director:
Mr. Alok Srivastava

HARI School Calendar

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Lunch Sponsorship

Parents of Sunday School students or any interested devotees can sponsor lunch for the students and the devotees.

Please Click here to sign up for lunch or contact Mr.Nayan Mitra