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HARI Members


Membership of HARI entitles a person and his/her spouse to the privilege of attending and voting at membership meetings and to stand for election as a trustee or as an officer of the Executive Committee. Three months standing membership is required to hold any office. Only members who have paid their dues on or before September 15th of the year are eligible to vote. Additional privileges include enrollment in HARI's Sunday School, participation in temple programs and trips, renting HARI facility at a reduced rental, participation in HARI camps and retreats, participation in Yoga and other classes.


Annual Membership - $51

A person or family of the Hindu faith can make an application for membership of HARI by completing and submitting an application for the approval of the Board of Trustees. Family membership includes husband, wife, dependent children and dependent parents living in the same household.

Life Membership - $600

A person or family who has been approved for membership of HARI and is in good standing is eligible for Life Membership. Enrollment for Life Membership can be requested at the time of renewal of membership by payment of Life Membership dues of $600.

Senior Membership

Seniors, over the age of 65 qualify to become members of HARI at half the above rates, namely,

Annual Membership - $25
Life Membership - $300

For additional details about Membership, please visit the Link "ABOUT US " and review ARTICLE III under Bye-Laws


By Mail

Along with the application (HARI Membership and Donation Form), a check for $51 towards annual membership dues will be required. Please mail the form and check to

301 Steigerwalt Hollow Road,
New Cumberland,
PA 17070, USA

Donation Type:

Service to HARI is service to GOD as well as to our community. As a non-profit service-oriented religious/cultural/educational organization, HARI is always seeking volunteers for various tasks. Interested community members should contact President of HARI.

Some activities that would be of benefit to all of us are

  • exterior maintenance of the temple grounds by pulling weeds
  • collecting and disposing of trash and other discarded materials
  • planting of approved shrubs and flowering plants in accordance with the overall landscaping plan
  • perform assigned tasks during major celebrations and special events

Volunteers are also needed to teach Sunday School students in various academic areas such as Scholastic Achievement Test subject areas, fine arts, namely, classical music and dance. Interested people should contact the Director of Sunday School for further details.

Become a Volunteer /Sponsor

Opportunities abound for HARI devotees to help the temple and the community at large. Temple is always seeking volunteers and sponsors for various special causes. Devotees should ask themselves what they could do for the temple instead of asking what the temple can do for them.

  • Devotees can become sponsors for dinner/prasad for temple's scheduled programs if they are not filled in yet.
  • Devotees can also volunteer to sponsor artists, performers and musicians that come to the temple to give cultural programs.
  • It is very expensive to bring good cultural programs by well-known artists to the temple. One way devotees can make it possible is by coming forward to contribute generously towards partially or fully off-setting the cost of specific programs

Contact the President if you want to be a sponsor for a specific program. Contribute generously by placing your donations in the donation boxes when special cultural programs are arranged.