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Providing Growth, Financial Safety and Stability

Hindu American Religious Institute "HARI" has been blessed with a congregation that has supported it unstintingly since the inception in 1975. That support has led to one of the most prominent Hindu landmarks in the capital of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We thank the founders and senior members of HARI congregation for their vision and commitment.

This legacy must now be nurtured and preserved for future generations. In 2004, the Board of trustees had initiated a "HARI Long Term Self Sufficiency" initiative. In 2005, "HARI Trust Fund (HTF) Steering Committee" was formed, which developed a strategy and an action plan. In 2006, an agreement was signed with "The Foundation for Enhancing Communities" to manage the funds for HARI. HTF, being an Endowment fund, the principal is preserved.

Only the earnings is used based on the need of the Temple and the Board of Trustees approval. Under Donor advised funds, Donors, have a choice of naming the donation and say in as to how and where the funds can be used.


HARI is a great achievement and an asset of Hindu community in South Central PA. Your contribution helps the organization to serve our community better. When you donate online, you help twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel of collecting funds for HARI.
HARI is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Donation Type:

Why does HARI need an Endowment
(HARI Trust Fund "HTF")?
  • Operating expenses go up each year as costs of our utilities, insurance, staff compensations, facility maintenance, and supplies rise. Operating income needs to be supplemented for maintain facility and expanding services
  • To provide long term self sufficiency and growth for HARI Temple
Who is managing HTF at HARI?
  • HARI Trust Fund Steering Committee, reporting to the HARI Board of Trustees
  • At present, the Committee consists of all past Chairman's, President's and Volunteers
  • HTF Coordinator, an appointee of the HTF Steering Committee provides the operational support for the HTF and is the facilitator among the Donors, HTF Steering Committee, HARI Board of Trustees and, the Investment Manager
What is "Sri Hanuman Tree"?
  • It is a donor recognition sculpture designed by the famous artist "Sanford Werfel", located on the ground floor, just below the deity of Lord Rama
  • Based on the amount of donation, name (Children, Parents, Business or Yours) will be inscribed on the leaves of the tree
  • You are welcome to donate any amount to HARI for any initiatives. Any donation above $2,500 over five years towards HTF or Projects or General Donations or other Gift Instruments will be recognized in the tree
What are the Benefits to HARI?
  • HARI gets a steady income stream from the earnings* of the HTF
  • Needed capital expenditures can be planned and completed to ensure that the temple is well maintained on an Annual basis
  • HARI can continue to preserve Hindu religious and cultural heritage through expanded services and programs
Who is managing the funds for HARI?
  • The Foundation for Enhancing Communities "TFEC" Harrisburg (formerly known as Harrisburg Foundation), under the direction of the HTF Coordinator, and Steering Committee
What is the Goal of HTF?
  • To have a minimum of One Million Dollar $1,000,000 in the HTF
How do I participate in HTF?
  • Contact any current Board of Trustees or Executive Committee members
  • Complete HTF Pledge form and mail it to HARI at 301, Steigerwalt Hollow Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070
  • To join the committee and volunteer, please contact HTF Coordinator, Mr. Abhijit Umbarkar at (717) 571-6062 or abhijit.umbarkar@mac.com
What are the other ways I could invest in the Mission of HARI?
  • At present, with the assistance of TFEC, we are in a position to accept various Gift Instruments like: Life Insurance Policy, Publicly traded Securities, Closely held Stock, Real Estate, Tangible Personal property, Retirement Plan, Planned Gift (revocable, irrevocable), and Donor Specified Named funds
  • Please, contact the HTF Coordinator for more details